3 Keys to Landing a Celebrity Interview

3 keys to landing a celebrity interviewSince launching our first fansite in May 2007, we’ve interviewed more than 100 celebrities for features on our sites and our podcasts. These interviews have been over the phone, on video, in person, and via email. They’ve been one-on-one, they’ve been in a group setting, they’ve been arranged far in advance, and they’ve been last minute. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you on the hows and whys and wheres and whats when it comes to interviewing, starting out with how to land one in the ¬†first place.

Here are 3 keys to getting an interview with a celebrity…

1. Be Professional

This is our number one tip for pretty much everything having to do with your fansite, and this is an area where it will really pay off. Design a beautiful, easy to navigate, easy to read site with quality content. Skip the gossip and the paparazzi photos and the rumors about who your celebrity is dating. Be professional in how you report on your celebrity and their work. Build a reputation for quality. When the time comes to request an interview, that reputation is your secret weapon. Prove that you respect the celebrity and their work, and the gatekeepers are much more likely to grant you access.

2. Timing Is Everything

It’s easier to get interviews when a celebrity has something to promote. They have personal lives, too, and their downtime is valuable to them. Promoting a project is work, even if it seems like they’re having fun doing it, so craft your interview request strategy with that in mind. Does your celebrity have a new project coming out? Maybe a new charitable endeavor or a small project close to their heart you can offer to promote for them? Smaller projects that are meaningful to the person but not likely to garner much mainstream press interest are ideal for landing your first interview.

3. Ask!

Seriously, it’s that simple. Don’t wait for their publicist to come to you with an offer to interview their client. You’ll be waiting forever if that’s your strategy. Be proactive and contact them with your request. Note: Go through the proper channels! Your celebrity may be on Twitter or Facebook, but that is not the appropriate method to request an interview. Contact their publicist or manager; it’s their job to handle requests like this and it’s the professional way to ask.

Still to come: sample interview requests, what to ask when you do land your interview, the best way to post your interview, and more!

Have you had the opportunity to interview someone? Tell us about it in the comments.


  1. oh god im trying

  2. Thanks to you I did. I run a great social media fan base for a celebrity and a fan interview to post on our facebook page would be great. Waiting very patiently

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